Christmas in Cancerland

Symptoms: breathlessness, coughing

Pain level = 3 from broken wrist

Treatment: Capecitabine

Featured emotion: Fed up



Seasonal greetings!

This will be a relatively short post because I am typing one-handed, having broken my right wrist during the holiday jaunt to France with SM.  I wasn’t skiing or even drunk. I slipped on wet bathroom tiles while drying my hair.  There followed an ambulance trip to a small hospital, where they plastered my whole arm, and we flew home.  A sucky end to an otherwise lovely trip, so I’m having a bit of a wallow, streaming funny animal videos with a constant supply of treats from SM.

I obviously was a really bad person in a past life to deserve all this. I hope it was fun.

In the meantime, the Sunday Times magazine published this piece with my thoughts about facing Christmas with a terminal illness.  It’s free to read if you register.  I’d love to have your feedback on it.

And there was some good news before the holidays.  My latest brain scan showed that the gamma knife treatment has worked! Old tumours have shrunk and no new ones have appeared.  Plus, I heard from a liver specialist that he can treat the tumours there, which could reduce my reliance on the Caped Crusader.

Before my tumble onto the tiles, we were having a lovely time.  I was very short of breath, but we took things easy and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  I hope that your holidays were just as happy but less eventful.  And we’ve passed the solstice, so longer days ahead!