Nature Gallery

The photos in this collection are a mixture of botanical, landscapes, and animal studies.  Repro rights are available, please leave me a comment if you are interested. 

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3 thoughts on “Nature Gallery

  1. Karin Wallace

    Lovely photos and such an inspiring life I wish you and your husband many happy days on this journey you are on and have so graciously shared with us.
    Warm regards Karin Wallace

  2. Rita davies

    Vanessa, I read your story in the paper today I feel for you and what you ,re going through. Have you ever researched how intravenous vitamin c has helped some people even with terminal cancer and the gerson therapy has helped . I loved the photos and wish you all the best. Rita

  3. Vickie Caliri

    Hello Vanessa, My name is Vickie. I have the distinct pleasure of being friends with your mom. She volunteers at the hospital where I work. We talk about you often…I am cheering for you!! She keeps me updated on your progress. You both are amazing ladies, I am blessed to know her. I finally found time to read your online blog…unfortunately I cannot get through these chapters with dry eyes. You have an amazing way with words, Guess that is why you are an author!! I wish you and SM well!! By the way…hope I don’t say the wrong thing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts,!! Give em hell lady!!😘

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